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UK and Australian Tourist Visas - Thai Visa Express
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UK & Australian Visa Application From Thailand

Thai Visa Express: Australian and UK Visas

Welcome to Thai Visa Express Immigration Consultants

Thai Visa Express Immigration Consultants offers personal and professional service and provides accurate advice on Australia and United Kingdom Immigration and Citizenship application. Our mission is to provide efficient immigration services with integrity and respect for all our clients always.

Thai Visa Express will help you with your visa application requirements in Thailand. If you or perhaps your Thai girlfriend or  wife need a UK or Australian visa, we offer comprehensive professional advice and services for your visa application. Our Pattaya visa agent will make sure you meet the general visa requirements to enter the UK or Australia.

We provide fixed fee visa services with no hidden costs for applicants. Our fees do not include visa application fees or fees for police checks  & any X-ray examinations, if needed. Our fees can be as much as 50% less than those of UK- and Australia-based migration agencies. We take on all Thai applicants under these terms.

Our fixed fee visa services include processing temporary or permanent partner visa, and fiancé and proposed civil partner or prospective marriage visa. For visitor visa for your Thai girlfriend or wife, we offer a "no visa, no fees" service.

We offer a free visa assessment. We will provide an honest appraisal of visa applications, and depending on your particular situation, we will recommend the visa type that suits your needs. We will then advise you on the relative costs associated with your application. If we think we cannot help you, we will offer you professional advice, and refer you to someone who can.

We provide visa reapplication services for applicants who have been refused a visa before. Specialising in previous refusals, we submit applications for UK and Australian visas successfully.

UK Visa Application

If you need information and advice for UK Visa, our Pattaya visa agency processes the following visa types:

  • UK Tourist Visa
  • UK Settlement/ Spouse Visa
  • Fiancée and Proposed Civil Partner Visa

Australian Visa Application

If you need information and advice for Australian Visa, our migration agents will process the following visa applications:

  • Tourist Visa (subclass 600)
  • Partner Temporary Visa (subclass 820) and Partner Permanent Visa (subclass 801)
  • Partner Temporary Visa (subclass 309) and Partner Permanent Visa (subclass 100)
  • Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)

You can  find firther details about Australian visa applications at Australian Visa Express our other website which has further information about migration to Australia.

Why Employ Thai Visa Express?

Thai Visa Express is qualified to provide immigration advice. We are registered with and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) for the provision of immigration advice and services. We also have registered offices in Pattaya, Thailand and the UK that offer old and new clients premium services.

We are experienced professional UK and Australian immigration consultants who have been processing visa applications for Thai citizens since 2005.

We offer expertise regarding UK and Australian visa applications. We have the necessary skills and experience to ensure a successful application. Other interesting information can be found on our Pattaya Visa Forum helpful advice about immigration matters.

Specialising in working with Thai citizens, we take away the language barrier. Thai applicants may not fully understand the requirements for visiting or settling in the UK and Australia. If in doubt, you can contact us for free. Our agents speak both Thai and English, so they will explain and offer professional advice about the application requirements and forms for Thai, UK, and Australian citizens.

Getting a visa for a Thai citizen also means preparing and submitting a visa application in Thailand. The applicant needs to complete the visa application forms in Thai, but these documents need to be translated into English, so the visa officer can read them clearly. For your convenience, we will fill in all the necessary visa application forms correctly.

Browse through this website for other useful information about immigration matters. Click on the relevant country flag for more immigration information on the country you are applying for.

We are the premier Thailand visa agent . You can contact us via telephone or email, if you need professional visa application advice and services. If you need further assistance, we will refer you to someone who can offer more help.

Employ Thailand's premier immigration consultants, and get a successful visa application for the UK and Australia. We will make sure your qualified Thai girlfriend or Thai wife will be with you in your home country in no time.